sábado, 27 de julio de 2013


Very Nearly Almost is here with its twenty-third issue, bursting full of interviews with some of the most talented artists from around the world. This issue features the prolific duo FAILE on the cover, artists whose unique compositions of retro pop imagery, patterns and type have had a huge impact both on the streets and in galleries. Despite having their hands full with several large-scale projects, they still found time to invite VNA to their Brooklyn studio to chat about about their latest work, including their critically acclaimed collaboration with the New York City Ballet.
VNA 23 doesn’t stop there in terms of NYC tastiness, also featuring the work of American design duo Morning Breath, who create retro-influenced illustration, as well as skate-mad character king Michael Sieben. We’re also lucky enough to feature some great graffiti in this issue, from London-based Vibes and international men of mystery Days & Peque, who ended up interviewing one another. Eager to cover the best of what we have to offer in Britain, we caught up with stencil legend Eelus, whose love for Star Wars and sci-fi propelled him to the forefront of the street art revolution, as well as speaking to chromatic image creator Tom French about his cowboys and skulls, plus a catch-up with Newcastle veterans Prefab77. We also spoke to Berlin-based street art twosome PeachBeach, colourful illustrator Hedof, hailing from a quiet Netherlands town, and Aussie Aeon, who regales us with tales of his recent, often dangerous, South American travels. Just when you thought we couldn’t cram anymore great artists into this issue, we’ve also got illustrator Moose & Yeti, whose Asian-inspired works have been causing ripples in the art world and large-scale muralist Agostino Iacurci who never fails to impress with his big, bold pieces. You’ll also find a street section jam-packed full of images from London, San Diego and finally Istanbul, which we took whilst attending the brilliant Burning Ink event, as well as products from Urban Industry and a great little selection of the latest art-related books.

martes, 23 de julio de 2013

PEQUE VRS x Longview Vineyard_Krush Klinic 2013 Adelaide Hills, South Australia

PEQUE VRS x Ilustracion 2013.

Artista: Peque vrs                                               
Tecnica: Rotuladores sobre papel
Cliente: 567 King, Graffiti shop Newtown NSW.
Medidas: 30cm x 45cm.

Artist: Peque vrs
Media: Marker pens on paper
Client: 567 King, Graffiti shop Newtown NSW.
Dimensions: 30cm x 45cm.  

viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

PEQUE VRS x MTN Australia, Sydney Australia. 2013.

Peque was commissioned to paint these doors for the new Montana Colours, Australia headquarters.

Peque estuvo solicitado para pintar estas puertas para la nueva bodega cabezera de Montana Colors Australia.