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Illawarra Mercury newspaper

Graffiti artist Peque gives Amigos Mexican Restaurant a spray

Mexican mural artist Peque found himself a long way from home as he finished off his room-sized masterpiece at Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Wollongong this week.
The Guadalajara-born artist was commissioned by Amigos in a major revamp of their interior.
Owner Owen Langton chose Peque for the redesign after coming across his work online.
"We had the Spanish colonial theme but we found it didn't represent the whole of Mexico as each region has its own different food, culture and customs," Mr Langton said.
"With the redesign we thought we would have each room as a different theme to highlight the many aspects of Mexico."
Love and family brought Peque to Australia three years ago after meeting his Australian wife when she was an exchange student interning in his gallery.
"Since moving here my art has been influenced by my life changes of becoming a settled family man. It's about finding out what it means to live here," he said.
"I try to be hyper aware not to replicate other cultures' art like indigenous Australians for example but I find myself using native flora and fauna in my work."
Peque's bold graphics were requested by Pink Floyd in 2005 to form part of their stage setting.
In Australia, local councils often commission his work in a new appreciation of street art.
Public art has a tradition in Mexican art history with Peque citing Diego Rivera and Jesus Helguera as influences.


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PEQUE VRS(comicion) x Sydney Australia 2013.

tecnica: aerosol y aerografia
lugar: Sydney Australia
año: 2013

PEQUE VRS x Sydney Australia x 2013.

tecnica: aerosol
lugar: Sydney Australia
año: 2013

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